According to polling data, Americans believe that the most significant family or social problem facing the U.S. is the physical absence of the father in the home. The U.S. has the highest number of single-parent households with dependent children of any development nation. One fact that continues to appear is that our children are in crisis big time. And part of the reason for this crisis, I believe, is due to fathers no being regularly involved in the lives of their children. We must help fathers find the joy and delight in the experience of fatherhood. we are saying to fathers, just because you went to the penitentiary, or you don't visit your children because you don't have any money or a job, that doesn't you can't be a father; nor should you avoid your responsibilities. Picking up your child, holding him or her and giving them a kiss and saying i love you, means more than money or a new toy. No man has a greater gift than to give of himself," said Congressman David." I commend Fathers Who Cares for recognizing the importance of fatherhood in establishing this website. I am proud to be an advisory member of this organization. I look forward to working closely with you in an effort to address fatherhood issues. 

 Elected to the U.S House Representatives on 1196 with 94% of the vote, Congressman Danny K. Davis represent the 7th Congressional District of Illinois. His district is to most diverse district in the United States. To visit his website, click his picture to the right. Congressman Davis represents the wealthiest citizens of Downtown Chicago to poorest of them on Chicago's West Side to the Middle-class Western suburbs. Fathers Who Care is honored to have to have him as a part our website. 


 Honorary Chairman of Community Empowerment and Social Justice 

​Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Involvement and Empowering Future Leaders...


Twenty-Four million children (34 percent) live absent their biological fathers.Nearly 20 million children (27 percent) live in single-parents home. 1.35 million births (33 percent of all births) in 2000 occurred out of wedlock. 43% of first marriages dissolve within fifteen years; about 60% of divorcing couples have children; and approximately

one million children each year experience the divorce of their parents. Over 3.3 million children live with an unmarried parent and the parent's cohabiting partner. The number of cohabiting couples with children has nearly doubled since 1990, from 891,000 to 1.7 million today. Fathers who live their families are more likely to have a close, enduring relationship with their children than those who do not . 

The following facts are understood to relate to the lack of the father's involvement in the lives of their children and the consequences it often creates: Children from  fatherless homes represent....

71% of pregnant teenagers

90%of all homeless and runaway children

63% of youth suicides

75% of all adolescents patients in chemical abuse centers

70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions

85% children that exhibit behavioral disorders

71%of all high school dropouts (according to government statistical data).

37.9%of fathers have no access/visitation rights.(Census Bureau) 40% of mothers reported that they had interfered with the non-custodial father's visitation on at least one occasion punish the ex-spouse.

Overall, approximately 50% of  mothers see  no value in the fathers continued contact with his children. ( Surviving  the break - Joan Kelly & Judith Walerstein )


Social Services

Lawndale Community Church

3827 West Ogden Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60623 (773)-762-6389

Hope House is a Christian Recovery home of men who have been struggling with substance abuse or who have recently been released from prison.

Chicago Urban League

Male Involvement Program

3424 South State Street Chicago, Illinois 60616 (312)-326-4485 Provides support services to 16 to 35 year old non-custodial fathers and other males fathers figures who are involved in the lives of their children.

Family Focus Of Lawndale"Mission Men"

3517 West Arthington Street Chicago, Illinois 60624 (773)-722-5057

The purpose of the group is to help fathers reunite with their families.

Safer Foundation

571 West Jackson Boulevard Chicago Illinois 60661 (312)-922-2200

provide services to ex-offenders.

Father's Action Network

Cook County Department of Public Health

1010 Lake Street Oak Park, Illinois 60301 (708)-492-2011 The father's Action Network is a family oriented program designed to encourage a father's Presence in the live of their children. The Fatherhood Educational Institute is an organization helping indigent and incarcerated fathers through clinical settings.

Legal Resources

Aids Legal Council Chicago

220 South state Street, Suite 1330 Chicago, Illinois 60604 (312)-427-8990

Provides HIV related legal issues including Wills, Power of Attorney, SSI Disability, HIV Discrimination, guardianship, Public Benefits, Bankruptcy and Confidentiality Insurance

Center for  renters right

3007 north Ashland Avenue Chicago Illinois 60657(773)-244-8152

Services provided including upholding the residents Landlord and Tenant ordiance. Ex-security deposits or repairs needed.

Chicago Legal Clinic,Inc.

2938 east 91st Chicago, Illinois 60617 (773)-731-1762

(offices located around Chicago)Provides Adoptions, Bankruptcies, Guardianship, divorces, child custody and support, immigration, real estate, landlord/tenant, wills and traffic violations services.

Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic 9CGLAC)

206 West Division street Chicago, Illinois 60610 (312)-266-1345

Provides criminal, juvenile, housing, public benefits and family law (including contested matters), and expungement.

First Defense Legal Aid

1212 North Ashland Avenue, Suite 211 Chicago, Illinois 60622 (773)-292-9780

Provides First Defense Legal Aid provides emergency legal representation at Chicago Police Stations.

Legal Aid Bureau of United Charities

14 East Jackson Boulevard, 15th flr. Chicago, Illinois 60604 (312)-986-4200

Family Law (custody disputes and visitation disputes)​